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Mercari's First Appearance at DrivenShow

An exciting first appearance for our team!

Car modding is not only simply giving your vehicle a shiny new look. It is also about self-expression; the display of personal distinction. Every individual is unique, and car modifications has always been a platform for hobbyists to express and establish their personal style, taste, and character.

Drivenshow, a Canadian Aftermarket Autoshow that travels 7 cities from coast to coast creates the perfect opportunity for autobody shops as well as car enthusiasts to come together and relish at the vast variety of modified cars. From 1998 GTR R34s to the newest 2019 AMG GT, the underground parking lot of MacEwan University was decorated with extravagant paint jobs, show-stopping exhausts, massive spoilers, and many more unique body kits. Mercari Auto proudly displayed their own modifications, and also made history by being Edmonton’s first Chinese-owned and operated autobody company to be presented at a national-level autoshow.

The Mercari team rolled up to the scene in their own unique lineup: a Mercedes AMG GT in a show-stopping green vinyl, a newly wrapped Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, a slate grey Nissan GTR R34, your classic Subaru STI, and a bright yellow Scion FRS with a quirky slogan sticker “Not A Taxi."

Aside from detailing and vinyl wraps, Mercari Auto also offers its own comprehensive list of services in Edmonton: maintenance services such as 144 point quality inspections, tires and brake changes, road-side assistance and more. We also carry a variety of SuperSpeedWheels.


Currently need a service or just feeling curious? Feel free to contact us or visit our Edmonton location at:

(825) 202-8331

11240 149th Street

Edmonton, AB

Our front desk reception. If you look closely, you can see our resident shop cat Milo!

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